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☀️ The Light Warrior Teepee is currently open.  All treatments will take place in this sacred space.

4655 W 3450 S, West Haven, Ut


My Services

Reiki Healing Session

A transformative energy healing that guides you to relaxation and holistic balance.

$75 / 1.5 hr
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Reiki Follow Up

Booked within 1 week after Reiki session
Enhance your Reiki journey with a follow-up appointment or “tune up” where we’ll discuss any shifts and changes you’ve experienced. This session includes a brief Reiki clearing or Byosen scan to guide and support your ongoing healing process.

$39/1 hr
*Must be booked within 1 week of original Reiki session


pet reiki

Animal Reiki

Gift harmony to your pet’s well being
Strengthen your bond with each other.
*Learn what areas they are needing/asking for attention.

$75 / 1.5 hr
hape session

Hapé Guided Session

Journey to Clarity, Healing, and Connection

$45 / 1 hr
Light Warrior healing llc reiki holistic healer utah

Meet Joi


I have a deeply rooted special place in my heart and soul for not only energy work, but to my ancestors that practiced before me.  I am of Japanese descent on my mother’s side.  My family were healers (light) and Samauri (Warrior).  Thus Light Warrior was born.
From my father I inherited Native American ancestry, which I also have deep love and connection for (thus why my treatments take place in a teepee). I bring these aspects of my heritage into my practice and strive to share this authentic energy with my clients.

"Joi is so compassionate and caring. I had such an uplifting session with her. I felt peaceful and lighter afterwards!"

"She has an amazing way to heal people with her gift. I feel rejuvenated after her session. Definitely will be coming back and doing her session."

Reiki Healing Session 1.5 hr

Animal Reiki is a gentle, nurturing experience, aiming to bring harmony and balance to your beloved pet’s life.

Animal Reiki Session 1.5 hr

Animal Reiki is a gentle, nurturing experience, aiming to bring harmony and balance to your beloved pet’s life.

Cacao Ceremony

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Cacao Ceremony. Sip on the sacred elixir of the gods and awaken your heart’s wisdom.

*Prices may vary on specific events
Sound Bath Meditation (Hapé optional)

Serenade Your Soul: Sound Bath Meditation for Harmony and Healing

*Prices vary on specific event
Guided Hapé Session 45 min

Experience the ancient wisdom of Hape Guided Meditations to embark on a transformative journey within. Allow the sacred power of Amazonian plant medicine to guide you towards clarity, deep healing, and a profound connection to your inner self

Hapè medicine can be added on to a live reiki session later for $10

The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated."


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4655 W 3450 S, West Haven, Ut


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